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Monthly Archives: April 2011

this is a blue whale. it is known as the biggest living thing on earth. It can grow to be 100-120 feet long. the blue whale eats one of the smallest things in the ocean called plankton.  they live in the pacific ocean. the lowest they live about 100 feet down in the ocean. they have blow holes on top of their heads. the blue whale is a mammal. and it goes up to the surface to get air. the blue whale can stay underwater for about 20 minutes before it must got back up to the surface of the ocean to get air. these blue whales are actually on the endangered species list. the female blue whale is bigger than the male. thank you for looking at this huge whale. Dylan


This is a box jelly fish. It is extremely dangerous. it is about the size of a human head. Its stingers can grow up to 17feet long. If a  human is stung they could die. this fish eats small fish. Its mouth is the opening of the fish. They are usually light blue and they have transparent heads. They live 200 feet down and come up to the top of the ocean for feeding.  They mostly live in the pacific ocean. Thank you for looking at this fish. Zap! Dylan