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Monthly Archives: March 2011

This is an archer fish. It is only 2 – 3 inches long. it spits out water to capture spiders and other bugs to have them fall into the water so the fish can eat.  They are not dangerous to humans. they live in the amazon and some other freshwater places. They are usually white with black spots or white with brown spots. In my opinion they are one of the coolest fish in the amazon because it shoots water out to capture its prey. Thank you for looking at this fish. Dylan


this an ocean sunfish. it is very weird. it only has 4 fins. it is about 5-6 feet long and about 4 feet wide. it lives in the pacific ocean. this fish lives toward the top of the ocean. it eats jelly fish and other stingers.this fish is very unusual. it is not a fish you would normally see. this fish has a flap in its mouth.Not too sure just why??  thanks for looking at this fish. Dylan H.

this is a cuttle fish. it is about 2-5 feet long. it changes colors when the fishes moods change. it can turn red, white, brownish and orange. they live in the pacific ocean. they feed on smaller fish. they live in the coral reef regions of the ocean. they are not dangerous to humans. they are related to squid and octopus. Thank you for looking at this fish. Dylan

this is a manta ray. it is about 25-30 feet long. it is the biggest kind of ray. they are not dangerous to humans but their mouth protectors can hit you if you get too close. they eat squid, crab and fish. some manta rays have white and black stripes and others have white with black strips on them. they live in the pacific and the atlantic oceans.  Thank you for looking at the Manta Ray. Dylan

This is a ribbon moray eel.The ribbon moray eel is about 5 feet long. When it is young it is not this colorful. It lives in the Pacific Ocean. This fish lives in the coral reef or near the coral reef. I guess this Moray Eel has a very colorful body. their teeth are about 1/2 inch long or shorter. This eel eats by hiding and catching small fish that swim near. this fish is not the kind of eel you’d wanna touch. it is an aggressive fish with sharp teeth. Thank you for looking at this eel. Dylan H.