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this is a six gill shark. it lives about 4500 feet down in the ocean. The shark can grow to be as long as 16 feet long. the typical size of this shark is 10 feet. it eats fish or other small sharks like the dwarf shark. this shark is called the six gill shark because it has six gills. it has an unusual place for its dorsal fin. Normally the fin is in the middle of its body. the six gill has its dorsal fin in the very back. this shark lives in the pacific ocean. Thank you for looking. Dylan


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    • Paul Cunningham
    • Posted February 18, 2011 at 11:13 pm
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    We have friends whose last name is Gill…but there are only four of them, so I guess they can’t be counted as sharks, but if you put them all together they’d be close to 25 feet in total! I understand the part about the fin being in the back…we had a 1955 Thunderbird and it had fins in the back…would have looked funny if the fins were on the roof!

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