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This is a Mauve Stinger. It is 5 – 12 feet in diamater. It is very poisionous to humans and other fish. they eat small fish and Moon Jellyfish.  They stingers can grow to be 10-12 inches long. They live in the pacific ocean. As you can see it is very colorful. They are not a big species of Jellyfish. These Mauve Stingers live 100 feet to 200 feet down in the ocean. It has lights near the end of its body as you can see in the picture. It is Not the smallest jellyfish (the smallest is the box jellyfish) The Mauve Stinger has a unusually long stinger which most jellyfish don’t have. This Jellyfish has red spots near the top of its body. I thin this jellyfish is really cool. Thank you for looking at this fish. Dylan H


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  1. I had red spots on me, too, right after you visited. Did you bring one of these with you, did I get too close to my Christmas Tree and get poked with the needles, or am I allergic to you?? I’m not crazy about jellyfish…do you have any pictures of jamfish?

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