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This is a oar fish. They live in the deep sea. They are the largest bony fish in the ocean. It comes to the water surface to eat smaller fish. They are about 55 to 65 feet long. They have been observed 20 feet below the water surface they live 3,000 feet down. I think this is a big and cool fish. Thank you for looking. pleas leave a comment. Dylan




  1. An oar fish? Or what? They live in the deep sea, too? How many fish live there? Seems like every fish is in water somewhere. I could use one of these because sometimes I lose my measuring tape and I need to know how long my house is…I think about 55 to 65 feet! Do they stay straight enough to use as an oar…if so, bring it to the lake next summer and we’ll use it for the boat!!!

  2. Unbelievable!!! That is an incredible picture and fish I might add. I am very interested in life that lives in the sea, never saw a picture like that before. Thanks for the info Dylan, Learnt something new. Great job!! I continue on to look at the rest of your ‘report’ and pictures. Unreal.

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