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this is a chambered nautilus. It lives 1800 feet below in the ocean. They have spiral-ish type shell. they have been around for over 400 million years. they are related to other shell fish like squid. cuddlefish and octopus. Sometimes they eat small squid and small fish. the life of the nautilus and its habits are still largely a mystery. they look like a squid in a shell. they have up to 90 separate tenticles. the tenticles are used to catch shrimp. at night the chambered nautilus rises to shallow water to find food. the chambered nautilus’ shell is white and red to white and brown. thank you for looking at this ocean creature. Please comment! Dylan.



  1. You’ve been busy posting…good for you…this guy looks pretty good for being 400 million years old, although I do see a few wrinkles…guess he’s doing so good as he’s working on his nautilus every day.

  2. Hi Dylan,

    Here is a video of the chambered nautilus swimming 🙂 It’s pretty cool! Keep up the wonderful work. I love your presentations and you are teaching me lots of new things about ocean animals!

    Miss Curtin

  3. Hi Dylan,
    I came upon your site and it is brilliant. You are clearly going to be a great scientist when you grow up.I hope you don’t mind me pointing out a small mistake though – Nautilus is a mollusk, like octopus and squid (also clams and snails).A link you might find interesting is
    It has lots of cool information on creatures.
    Keep on producing your fabulous underwater university. I hope you get to do SCUBA diving so you can see all these creatures for real. When I was little I used to watch Jacques Cousteau, the man who invented SCUBA diving.
    All the best and a very merry Christmas.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    what a brilliant website – so cool that you’re into these crazy fish. I just noticed that you wrote about ‘cuddlefish’ as nautilus prey – which is very cute, but I don’t think you’d really want to cuddle one. They’re not good looking beasts. They’re actually called ‘cuttlefish’ and I think they’re a member of the squid family. You can eat them and they certainly taste like squid at any rate.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Sorry – Dylan. not sure where I got Ryan from.

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