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Monthly Archives: December 2010

This is a oar fish. They live in the deep sea. They are the largest bony fish in the ocean. It comes to the water surface to eat smaller fish. They are about 55 to 65 feet long. They have been observed 20 feet below the water surface they live 3,000 feet down. I think this is a big and cool fish. Thank you for looking. pleas leave a comment. Dylan



this is a chambered nautilus. It lives 1800 feet below in the ocean. They have spiral-ish type shell. they have been around for over 400 million years. they are related to other shell fish like squid. cuddlefish and octopus. Sometimes they eat small squid and small fish. the life of the nautilus and its habits are still largely a mystery. they look like a squid in a shell. they have up to 90 separate tenticles. the tenticles are used to catch shrimp. at night the chambered nautilus rises to shallow water to find food. the chambered nautilus’ shell is white and red to white and brown. thank you for looking at this ocean creature. Please comment! Dylan.

This is a shortfin Mako shark. They are about 10 feet long. They have a short dorsal fin. You can see that some of the teeth actually grow out of their lip. Their teeth are about 2 inches long or longer. They are razor sharp. They eat smaller fish and squid. They are fierce preditors. They rarely attack people. As you can see the shark has black eyes. Other fish swim near them because when the Mako shark attacks and eats the food it leave scraps and the other fish eat that. They live near the top of the ocean. the shark has a great sense of smell for finding prey. The Mako shark lives mostly in the Pacific Ocean. I think the Mako shark is fierce but pretty cool too. I Hope you leave a comment on this shark. Dylan

this is a porcupine fish not puffed up. You can still see its spikes but they cannot hurt humans when there not puffed up. Puffer fish live in the pacific ocean near coral reefs. Now lets look at it all puffed up!!! It is poisionous if you get poked by it. They puff up for defense if they feel threatned.  Puffer fish are about 3-1/2 inches around when they are puffed up. Puffer fish eat smaller fish. I think this is a really cool fish. Thank you for looking. Dylan