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this is a Spook fish. It has a transparent head.  It is a scavenger that means it eats fish that get killed and fall to the bottom of the deep sea. it lives 3000-5000 feet down in the ocean. it was first discovered in california in the montery bay area which is the pacific ocean. it is 6 inches long.. it had been known since 1939. it has grayish barrel like eyes beneath a green dome which may filter light. I think this fish is really weird! Dylan



  1. Are you sure this is a real fish…pretty scary…it eats dead stuff? No problem there, any time another fish sees this scary thing it probably drops dead on the spot. Oh, I know what I’m going to be next Halloween!!!

  2. it really is a FISH. Dylan H

  3. Well, then, I think it’s the spookiest looking fish I’ve ever seen…guess that’s why it’s called a spook fish…hmmmmmm…do they come in any other colors

  4. Oh My goodness. Definetly spooky, Almost doesnt look real. Wow. Creepy lookin thing. Kinda looks like an alien. Great job on the site Dylan.

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