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this is a fangtooth. it lives in many oceans of the world. it looks big but its only 6 inches long. this fish lives 16,000 feet down. its teeth are about 2-1/2 – 3 inches long. The body of the fish is covered in small prickly scales. The color of these fangtooh fish are black to dark brown. it has very small eyes and it cannot see very good. it senses the water vibrations to help is eats smaller squid and other smaller fish. They are one of the deepest living fish in the ocean. about 50 or 60 people have only dived in a submarine that not very many people have seen this fish. its teeth make it hard for the fish to close its mouth. but it does have pockets inside its mouth for the teeth to go into when it closes.  they are not dangerous to humans. I think this is a really cool fish. Dylan



  1. Are you telling me that this fish eats with its mouth open? Not very polite. Perhaps we could get it a gift certificate to a dentist for Christmas and have its teeth fixed!!! And, how did you get down 16,000 feet to get this picture?

    • Armand Di Pasquale
    • Posted December 22, 2010 at 4:50 am
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    Dylan, another interesting fact about this particular fish is that since it is almost blind, it relies on “contact chemoreception” to hunt for food. Basically, it swims around until it bumps into something, then latches onto it and tries to eat it!

    We really like your website, my kids think its very informative. Keep it up!

  2. This fish is another scarey looking creature. It reminds me of that mean fish that chases down Nemo’s dad, Marlin and Dory in Finding Nemo. BUT that fish in that movie had some kind of electric neon light down its spine. Is that just a cartoon thing? Or is there actually a fish out there with that light in it Dylan? Would you happen to know??

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