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Monthly Archives: November 2010

this is a Spook fish. It has a transparent head.  It is a scavenger that means it eats fish that get killed and fall to the bottom of the deep sea. it lives 3000-5000 feet down in the ocean. it was first discovered in california in the montery bay area which is the pacific ocean. it is 6 inches long.. it had been known since 1939. it has grayish barrel like eyes beneath a green dome which may filter light. I think this fish is really weird! Dylan


this is a fangtooth. it lives in many oceans of the world. it looks big but its only 6 inches long. this fish lives 16,000 feet down. its teeth are about 2-1/2 – 3 inches long. The body of the fish is covered in small prickly scales. The color of these fangtooh fish are black to dark brown. it has very small eyes and it cannot see very good. it senses the water vibrations to help is eats smaller squid and other smaller fish. They are one of the deepest living fish in the ocean. about 50 or 60 people have only dived in a submarine that not very many people have seen this fish. its teeth make it hard for the fish to close its mouth. but it does have pockets inside its mouth for the teeth to go into when it closes.  they are not dangerous to humans. I think this is a really cool fish. Dylan

this is a coelacanth. it is approximately 5 feet long. It is a pre-historic fish. it has 11 fins and a normal fish has 4 or 5 fins. it is very rare to see. the coelanth fish lives in the north of the indian ocean. its a link between a fish and a lizard. they eyes are blue. I think it is a very amazing fish. Dylan

This is a great white shark. It can grow to be 15-35feet in long. It is one of the most dangerous sharks on earth. Did you know that a Tiger shark and a bull shark are more likely to attack humans. It is one of the biggest sharks on earth. The basking shark is bigger than a great white. its teeth are between 1 and 2-1/2 inches long. they are very sharp. The great white is a very rare shark. I think it an amazing shark. The Great white can jump up to 10 feet out of the water. it likes to feed on seals and other sharks. The great white lives mainly in the Pacific Ocean.It is bigger than a giant spider crab. thank you Dylan.

This Giant Spider Crab is 6 feet long! and 6 feet wide! It is bigger than most humans and lives at the bottom the sea. I think it is really cool. Dylan… I DID NOT TAKE THE PICTURE SO I WAS SCARED AT ALL!