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This Giant Siphonphore can grow up to 130feet long!!! Its bigger than a blue whale. It lives in the deep sea about 3-6 miles down in the sea. It has thousand stingers hanging from its body. It eats other small deep sea fish. It does not have a brain like the jelly fish. Its has a transparent body. I think it it a very amazing fish. Feel free to comment on this post. thanks Dylan. ANSWER TO QUESTION… “HOW MANY STINGERS DOES IT HAVE”.. AN EDUCATED GUESS THAT I HAVE IS 800. ANSWER TO QUESTION(S) HOW WIDE IS ITS BODY? IT IS ABOUT 3 INCHES IN THICKNESS.



  1. We would like to know how many stingers it has on its body.
    ~Ms. Curtin’s class

  2. It’s very long! How wide is its body?

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