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Monthly Archives: October 2010

This Giant Siphonphore can grow up to 130feet long!!! Its bigger than a blue whale. It lives in the deep sea about 3-6 miles down in the sea. It has thousand stingers hanging from its body. It eats other small deep sea fish. It does not have a brain like the jelly fish. Its has a transparent body. I think it it a very amazing fish. Feel free to comment on this post. thanks Dylan. ANSWER TO QUESTION… “HOW MANY STINGERS DOES IT HAVE”.. AN EDUCATED GUESS THAT I HAVE IS 800. ANSWER TO QUESTION(S) HOW WIDE IS ITS BODY? IT IS ABOUT 3 INCHES IN THICKNESS.


The green mandarian goby is a very colorful fish. It is one of my favorite fish in the ocean. it is only 1/2 inch long. It eats algy. This fish is my favorite fish in the top of the ocean. (This fish is not a deep sea creature). Please write any comments you have. Thanks Dylan THIS IS NOT A CLOWN FISH!!! ITS A GREEN MANDARIAN GOBY! VERY FUNNY UNCLE PAUL.

Hi I am Dylan Hameister, I am 8 years old. This site is about fish that live in the ocean. I will put some of my favorite fish that I think are interesting and write information about them. I called this site Unerwater University because I am going to teach you about fish.